A Brush with Colour

I have numerous paint brushes, collected over the years, some lay dormant in my draws and only see daylight for special occasions. others are worn weary from daily use and abuse. This is a brief guide to brush types, only over time will you find your favourite depending on your medium, style or suitability for the job at hand. Good quality brushes are always an investment but don’t overlook the cheap ones though, some are excellent for certain jobs.

Widely used for oil painting, they are very durable and can stand all the solvents used for thinning and cleaning.

Made from male Siberian Weasles, these brushes have a high holding capacity and used mainly for fine detail in oils, acrylic or watercolour paint.

These synthetic brushes are ideal for any medium, soft, flexible and easy to clean. They are less absorbent and don’t ‘move’ paint the same as more expensive sable brushes.

These are usually larger, wide brushes for priming canvases or applying large washes in watercolour, where a large amount of paint is needed.

NB: The most important thing I have learnt about my brushes is to clean them properly at the end of every painting session, over the years I have lost many a good brush to a hard lump of oil paint!


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