Blank Canvas

There are many surfaces that can be painted on, for oil paints it’s usually a stretched canvas or primed hardboard. Here is a brief introduction to a few of them. All these products can be found through our links page.

Canvas board is where a piece of canvas is glued to one side of the board ready to paint on with oils or acrylics.

Canvas sheets, glued at one side, like a book, ready for painting.

Canvas glued onto a board as before only this time the canvas is neatly glued around the back for a neater finish. Available in various weaves depending on finished result required.

Board, either wood or thick card, primed ready for painting, usually has a very smooth finish, preferred by many painters or portraits wanting to achieve greater detail.

Heavy plain woven fabric, usually 10/12oz weight, stretched over stretcher bars to form a ready to paint canvas.

Natural fabric which is more flexible than cotton. Needs to be stretched and sized with rabbit skin glue or acrylic substitute. Available in various weaves, course or fine. Flax and hessian are also alternatives for a more course texture.

Made from wood or aluminium, come in various sizes and pre-shaped to lock into each other to form the backbone of the canvas. Extra central bars are used on larger canvases for extra support.

Triangular shaped wooden pegs, used to put into each corner of the canvas to be knocked in to stretch the canvas once the canvas is in position. This gives a tight surface to paint onto.



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